Core Nutrition

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Can’t Shift That Weight?

It might not be how much exercise you're doing but what you are feeding your body that's the problem! If you are struggling to lose weight or just want to find out what your body actually needs then help is on its way!

“Core Nutrition!”

A personal program which includes:

  • A metabolic type test - should you eat more protein or more carbohydrates?
  • What are healthy protein and carb foods?
  • Which fats are good and how much can you eat?
  • When and what should you eat? Complete our food diary and receive informative feedback, like:
    • Great recipes and a personal shopping list!
    • Maybe pH is the problem?

Let's do a test and find out, then show you how to fix it!
Fat loss is 80% about what we eat - find out what you should eat to start the journey to a healthy, happy you! Our step-by-step program of information, testing and feedback helps you achieve your goals and create good lifetime habits!

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