Posted by Jacki on 22 February 2018 | 0 Comments

I heard a wee whisper!

I was out at lunch with my 9:15am Pilates girls this week celebrating a late xmas catch-up, by the way the food at Saint Georges was fabulous! Anyway, back to the story, one of the girls mentioned that the story around town is "Jacqui has closed Core Studios"

Well let's get that story squashed!

So here is what happened, we simply relocated due to lease expiry and the building being sold. I found a lovely new place thanks to Rollo.  Mike the new landlord is pretty cool too!

I have created a groovy little studio- well two studios actually one for Pilates and one for strength and rehab training and guess what it has no stairs to climb yehar!!!

Classes have been running at 204 Warren Street- (behind First Chiropractic) since October 2017
So spread the real story & pop in for a visit.

Location map is here >