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Posted by Jacqui Evans on 14 March 2017 | 0 Comments

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Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth!

Imagine if someone gifted you 20 more years to your life, so instead of being 78 you would be 98 on your last day on earth, and in the perfect world up until your last day you lived independently and where actively involved with your community friends and family. Now come on back to today! To make the most of these 20 gifted years you may need to make some changes to your present self.

Knowing your numbers! Well most of us know our age, but do you know your % of muscle mass, hydration level, pH level, bone density, blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol, zinc and iodine levels, stress and sex hormone levels, liver and kidney function, even the % of protein, fats and carbs you have with every meal- just to name a few of the many numbers!

Get to know your body and learn to read the messages it sends you, no-one else can do this for you! How often are you bloated, tired or thirsty? Check the toilet bowel before you flush, amazing what you can discover from what the body eliminates. Notice even the simple things like how you breathe, how you eat, how you sleep. Then research any deficiency’s using trusted professionals. Never feel shy about seeking wisdom from others. Treat the world as your class room; soak up the lessons to fuel your path forward. Build a strong foundation of knowledge from parents, coaches, friends, mentors and even idols that motivate from pages of magazines or books who share wisdom and advice. Not all the advice will sit well with you filter through to find the gems.

Review your progress at least 12 monthly, bullet point your notes from your research or your trusted professionals and make a realistic plan. Create daily health habits; here are a couple to get you started. Begin the day with your natural body rhythm get up when you wake and drink waterwith lemon or apple cider vinegar to set up your digestive juices for breakfast later. Build some muscle the greater your muscle mass the higher your metabolic rate (rate you burn fuel) and the less likely you are to gain body fat. Muscle mass naturally declines from around age 30 onwards. Try Squats, lunges, press-ups and planks 10 x each exercise continuously for 10 minutes as fast as you can with good form. (Plank is held for 10 breaths) Find yourself any form of movement that you enjoy and that fits easily into your daily schedule. Then just DO IT!

I am not an expert, but I am a compulsive note taker and am privileged to have had Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Joseph Pilates, Paul CHEK and the lovely Libby Weaver as my coaches and mentors, through various courses workshop and books throughout the years.

Eat well & train for those extra years in your life!