Role: Director, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Gravity Instructor

Qualifications: CHEK Exercise Coach PIA - Pilates Instructor NOWANZ- Nordic Walking Leader - Otago University -Diploma Sports Science.Gravity Pilates Reformat Evolved Instructor & Gravity Foundation Instructor.

My Journey: My journey began in the early 80s with a water skiing accident and a badly damaged lower lumbar. After two years with surgery the only option remaining, I took control of my own rehab to keep away from the surgeon’s knife. I began my learning of the human body thru Otago University and the CHEK Institute along the way I came across Joseph Pilates work and found the missing puzzle piece. My dream of helping others has become a reality with Core Studios.

What drives me: helping to create strong and functional bodies for the people that cross my path. I love sharing my knowledge about the importance of breathing, hydration, muscle balance and good old fashion nutrition. All these together create a less stressed body in an already overstressed and busy world.

Live Love and Laugh every day!