All levels(All appointments are strictly by booking only)

Having completed your foundation programme, you are now ready to consolidate your knowledge.

All Levels - a flowing class focusing on technique, while adding progressions to each exercise. Building on the integration of pilates principles into your workout, you will continue to grow your body awareness - moving from a strong centre while developing more strength and stamina.

The benefits of pilates include:

  • relaxation stress and tension reduction
  • concentration - the mind builds the body
  • alignment - improved posture and flexibility
  • breathing - increased stamina
  • centering - abdominal strength and stability
  • co-ordination - improved balance
  • free movement - controlled longer movements
  • stamina - through stable & efficient muscle action
  • injury prevention

"What a thoroughly enjoyable class it was last night, I felt where I needed the work and it has already released some of my sacro-iliac tension!

I do love the way you inform and explain, it makes it so much more effective an experience".

Tina Cummins Health and Safety Officer


Core - Thoracic Curls

Core - mobilising thoracic spine for contraction work