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One-On-One the benefits of working one-on-one are numerous. Every body is unique and the focus of our one-on-one sessions is to target specific areas you want to improve. Available in either our pilates or gravity studio. 

30 min


45 min


60 min


Prices are per person with dates and times arranged to suit.

Semi Private

Workout with a small group of friends, we will design a specific exercise programme to suit you. Available in any of our studios, contact us to find a time that works with your schedule. 

2 to 1 $40 per person per hour

3 to 1

$30 per person per hour

4 to 1

$20 per person per hour

Corporate Training

Proven to enhance employees’ well-being and performance in the workplace. Programmes to suit are available on application, so call us today to arrange.

“When I’m paddling, I feel the rotation of my body being driven by my strong centre. It’s powerful. Pilates has given me that power.” 

James Burns, 51, Wakarama Nationals Team.


Core - Prone Cobra

Core - conditioning back muscles